Bespoke Training

How can we help your business?

An independent Allergen Audit to help assess any current risks to your business and ensure that these are being effectively addressed in relation to Allergen Management. This will help meet audit requirements and current legislation.

The audit will include access to recipe files, allergen matrix, suppliers, delivery and storage. Preparation and service, training and communication. A detailed report will be provided highlighting any risks and recommendations.

An IDDSI Framework Review & Managing Dysphagia Workshop will explain how to implement this within your organisation.  This interactive and practical course has been developed by a State Registered Dietitian and provides guidance on how to meet your obligations as a caterer and includes:

  • Background and understanding the risk implications on choking and identifying dysphagia,
  • Malnutrition and hydration recap on textured modified diets,   
  • Understanding the IDDSI framework – background and overview from a catering and/or clinical perspective,
  • What is really needed and what all staff needs to know

Other services include:

  • Product Development & Practical Business Support
  • A dietetic review of current nutrition documentation or the development of new documentation and menu audit analysis 
  • Advice on adapting existing recipes and products to ensure suitable options for inclusion in a Low FODMAP Diet
  • Allergen Awareness Training
  • Nutrition & Health Claims
  • Nutrition Signposting