FSS Recommend Improved Allergen Labelling

Food Standards Scotland (FSS) has recommended improved allergen information on pre-packed foods for direct sale, for example foods such as sandwiches and salads which are made and packaged on the same premises where they are sold. The move follows the recommendations of the coroner’s report following the death of Natasha Ednan-Laperouse and the outcome of a UK-wide public consultation on how best to improve allergen labelling on these types of pre-packed foods for direct sale.

At a public meeting this week the FSS Board reviewed and assessed responses to the consultation, and discussed consumer benefits as well as the risks associated with four options as set out in the consultation. It concluded that FSS should recommend moving towards full ingredient labelling of foods that are pre-packed for direct sale in Scotland, and that further work should be undertaken to assess the benefits and all of the risks in more detail.