New IDDSI Descriptors

On Monday 1st April the new IDDSI descriptors were adopted and implemented around the world. 

Australia is currently in the PREPARE stage and it is anticipated that by May 2019 the new descriptors will be implemented. Thailand is reviewing the IDDSI framework and translation is underway. In Ireland the implementation discussions are currently underway and IDDSI framework and descriptors have been incorporated into university curricula.

So why are we changing from the old dysphagia descriptors such as category E, C, D & B?

The old framework didn’t have the scientific knowledge behind the testing methods and were open to interpretation which was putting people at risk. Therefore IDDSI has been developed to provide scientific testing methods.

IDDSI is a global standardised framework which provides terminology and definitions for texture modified foods and thickened liquids. It uses a colour-coded model, uses culturally neutral terminology and includes testing methods and evidence for both thickness and food texture levels. The benefits should be that it is safer and less confusing within organisations, avoids re-assessment to determine safe liquid and diet levels and 'ready to use/off the shelf' items will be consistent between manufacturer and supplier.

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